Harry’s Shed to the Rescue

Harry’s Shed to the Rescue
Our modern bookcase, thanks to Harry's Shed

A big thank you to the Concord Men’s Shed (Harry’s Shed), particularly John McIntosh, for the great work on restoring this wonderful tricyle from a time long ago.

Our New Old Tricycle

This was given to us some time ago but in very bad condition, parts rusted out, paint almost non existent, etc. It was on our list to dispose of (the donor had given us permission if we couldn’t use it) but our hard-working honorary handyman, Patricio Parrague, spotted it and said: Don’t throw it out. The Men’s Shed can do something with it.

With nothing to lose we said give it a go. They did. And look at the results.

Patricio is part of the Men’s Shed and through him the guys from that group have carried out many jobs for us to help with our displays.

One major job undertaken was the building of our magnificent new bookcase to house our extensive library.

To the guys at the shed we say a great big “thank you” for your support.

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