Happy Birthday to our Betty

On 6th June Betty Robertson will be celebrating her 90th birthday.

Ninety is a milestone that may of us may never know.

But, for Betty, it’s a time to celebrate her life and times; to commemorate her 90 years; to recognise her many works and deeds and her community volunteering.

May her day be filled with wishes for a marvelous day; let it be filled with memories and the great things people will say, and the voices of those she loves singing “Happy Birthday”!

Happy 90th Birthday

90 years is a lifetime
That only few people live.
But when they do it’s a gift;
A gift only God can give.
90 years and still alive,
Still going strong with a
Heart that beats inside.
90 years is a long way;
A long way to look back.

But when you have walked
this long stretch of road,
there is no reason to stop walking
Because you made the right turns.
90 years is a number
That people only dream of
And will never get to see.

But you’re living this dream,
And you have 90 years to treasure.
90 years to look back on
And call your own.

So happy 90th birthday and
May there be more to come.
Take one day at a time
And look forward to 91.

(This poem, written by Andrew Hall to his grandfather, says it all.)

To dear Betty, we send our love and best wishes for a wonderful day, and more to come.

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