Grants & Volunteers

Thanks to Museums & Galleries NSW we have received a grant to allow us to purchase some new mannequins to enable us to display more of our wonderful clothing collection, and also to have special boxes made to house some of our bulkier objects to protect them from damage.  The whole of our collection needs to be sorted properly and stored into archive boxes and we are currently waiting to see if we receive another grant to allow us to purchase these boxes.

Volunteers:  We would also like to welcome four new volunteers, all with computer skills, who have come to offer help. Welcome Benson Lee, Clara Ong, Andy Zions and Glenn Armitage. We thank you for your interest and look forward to getting to know you better.

Volunteers at work

Currently our members and volunteers are busy on our computer making sure that everything is correctly numbered and stored in its correct box, according to our collections data base, in anticipation of recieving this second grant.

With so many volunteers we now need to find some more computers so we can keep them all busy.

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