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Year 2021 has gone – and best forgotten.  No visitors, no speakers, no gatherings.

We just need to put it all behind us and look forward to a brand new 2022.  Guest speakers are back on the first Saturday of each month and special events are being planned.  Follow us on Facebook or check our website for details.

Many new and special displays have been set up in the museum so there is plenty to see.  If you’ve been before, then it’s  time to come again.  Apart from the 1930s style kitchen, laundry and the lawnmowers, everything else is new.

At long last we were able to hold our Annual General Meeting and the old committee was re-elected:    President, Bob Badger;  Vice-President, Alan Wright;  Secretary, Lois Michel;  Assistant Secretaries,  Pam Malony and Andrew West;  Treasurer, Sharon Weismantel;  Archivist, Andrew West;  Newsletter Editor, Lois Michel.  These members continued to work hard during shut-down and we thank them for their dedication.

However, it is imperative that we seek more members – not only to relieve the workload on our willing regulars, but to bring in new and differing ideas on how to move forward.  For those who don’t want to become members, we are always happy to welcome volunteers to give as much or as little time as their busy lives permit.  We particularly need those with an interest in modern technology, to bring the society and the museum into modern times

If you are interested, please drop by the museum on any Wednesday or Saturday between 10 am and 4:00 pm to look around and have a chat to our enthusiastic volunteers.

With the help of a grant through Fiona Martin’s office, we have been able to purchase an Interactive Information Kiosk for our museum.  This can be used in many ways.  Visitors can access additional information on items in our display.  Also, they will be able to access our Collections, Photographs and Archives Data Bases to help with any research.  This should be up and running by the end of the month,


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