Coin Tester & Sorting Machine

This is a brown metal container approximately 300mm high, 300mm wide and 300mm deep. There are two slots at the top, with different widths, which, one could assume, would take the one shilling and two shilling coins. There is another opening at the bottom just above the long tray which, again one could assume, would take the ejected coin.

However, what happens while the coin is inside the unit is completely unknown.

It is probably the most intriguing item in our collection as the only information we have about it is through the labels attached.

The one on top states that it is “The Sherlock Coin Tester & Sorting Machine. Aust.Patent No. 13979”. On the front there is a label that simply says “Counterfeit Coins”. On the base is a damaged label which, among other information, identifies the maker as “Sherlock Coin Tester Co., Thomas Street, Redfern, Sydney”. It shows a date of purchase as 2 / 3 / 27.

It was donated by Geoff Saunders, Saunders Hardware Store, Majors Bay Road, Concord (opposite what is now Coles).

Is there anyone out there who can shed some more light on this mysterious object?


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