Nu-Dry, your Mechanical Laundress

Clothes dryer and Automatic rinser.
The turn of a tap and your clothes are rinsed and ready for the line in three minutes.
No electricity.  No Gas.  No gears.  Operates from a water tap and lasts a lifetime.

Their instruction book reads . . .

Your Greatest Problem is answered, Mrs. Housewife!

Yes, NU-DRY takes the drudgery out of washing days, dries your clothes in wet weather and gives you plenty of carefree time for social engagements!  You simply lift the clothes out of the copper into your NU-DRY and let it do the work.  No rinsing, no wringing . . . NU-DRY does both jobs in a few minutes, and the clothes are ready for the line.

The most delicate dainties can be dried with confidence, for NU-DRY exerts absolutely no pressure, so cannot strain the finest fabric, break the thinnest button, stretch the most subtle woollen.  Silks can be dried ready for ironing, and nappies only need indoor airing before use!

No more chapped, waterlogged hands, no more aching wrists . . .  no more back-breaking struggling with heavy wet clothes, the cause, according to medical opinion, of so many ailments.  Make wash-days happy social days, too, with NU-DRY, your mechanical laundress.

Despite time-consuming research, we cannot find any information on this unit other than what is stated in the booklet that is delivered with it. We would welcome any information.

Apparently the unit is made to sit inside the laundry tub. It is then connected to the water tap and the rinse arm is placed over the open top and the unit is set to spin. This rinses the clothes.

Presumably, to spin dry clothes turn off the spray and just set for spin.

Sounds too good to be true!!!


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