SHOE TREES are foot-shaped blocks inserted into a shoe when it’s not being worn to help keep the shoe in shape and stop it from developing creases, therefore extending the life of the shoe.

Perhaps more important than maintaining the shape, shoe trees also play a crucial part in wicking away moisture caused by sweat – a major cause of lining rot and leather degradation. This is especially important when shoes are worn without socks.

Higher quality shoe trees are made from softwood, usually cedar, which helps control odour and absorb moisture.

Shoe trees typically have a two or three piece design, consisting of a front half resembling the forefoot and a back piece resembling the heel. These two pieces will be spring-loaded to accommodate shoes of varying sizes, and to provide a customized fit.

With some models of shoe trees, the forefoot section will be a two piece design with a split down the centre. The two halves (left and right) will also be spring loaded to provide a more customized fit to the front of the shoe.

While they may look similar, shoe trees are not shoe stretchers, and when used correctly, shoe trees will not stretch shoes.


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