Flivver – made by Cyclops, Leichhardt, NSW, 1924-1929.

A child’s ride-on toy called a Flivver. It was made in Leichhardt, Australia, by Cyclops between 1924 and 1929.

The term ‘flivver’ originated as American slang for a cheap car or aeroplane. It also refers to a railway handcar or trolley car. By the 1920s flivver was the common name, at least in Australia, for a three-wheeled children’s trolley car propelled by pushing the handlebars back and forth, and steered by feet resting on front-wheel footpegs. This means of propulsion was very similar to that used on the four-wheeled trolley cars also used by children at the time. The flivver was essentially a three-wheeled version of the trolley car.


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