This following book review was published in The Labor Daily (Sydney) on 24 June 1933.

War Letters

“Experiences of a ‘Dinki-Di’ R.R.C. Nurse” by Gertrude Moberly, R.R.C., is an instructive and interesting publication of letters written by Matron Moberly during the Great War.  She rendered very considerable services during that War, with the result that there was conferred upon her “the Royal Red Cross” for “conspicuous services” rendered by her while serving with the Australian Imperial Force.  In a foreword to the book, Lieutenant-Colonel E. Hilmer Smith, C.B., V.D., says that  . .

“Her record of service throughout the War was one that she might well be proud of, and the fact that the King bestowed on her the high honour of the Royal Red Cross shows the quality of that service.”

The letters, of which the book consists, are very human.  Matron Moberly does not, like some writers on the subject of war, think that is an admirable thing;  for this is an excerpt from one of her letters:

“I thank God that dear George and Frank are safely out of this damnable war . . . I thought my heart would break when visiting the Sidcup Hospital re having some dental work done.  Major R——- had me shown over the wards, and oh, Pal, there were six hundred men, and not one of them with a whole face.  Some had had as many as thirteen operations.  I shall never forget.  I was shown photographs of before and after the operations;  my stomach turned sick, and I left hurriedly, and as soon as I was out of sight of the building sat by the roadside and cried and cried, for my heart felt like bursting, likewise my head.  War!  War!  War!  Oh, I hate it . . . and the promoters of it.  Surely if there is a ‘God of Justice’ a great punishment will be meted out to those responsible for this cruel, unrighteous, unspeakable frightfulness.”

This volume of war letters should be widely read.  It is embellished with a considerable number of photographs, which add to its value.

“Experiences of a ‘Dini-Di’ R.R.C. Nurse” is published by the Australasian Medical Publishing Co.Ltd. Glebe.  The price of the book is five shillings and six pence (55cents).

NOTE: The Society has a copy of this book in our library. We do not allow it to be taken out on loan but members and non-members may read it at our museum.


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