• Gas was first produced at Mortlake on 23rd May, 1886 – gas was supplied to the public on 28th May, 1886.
  • The last electric train ran in Sydney on 25th February, 1961, ending 100 years of tram service. It ran from Hunter Street in the city to La Perouse.
  • The original Palace Hotel in Mortlake was opened in 1886, the same year as the gasworks. The first licensee was John Stuart.
  • Most of the earliest settlers in Mortlake were deserters from ships
  • The Ballot Box was invented in Australia. In Victoria on 19th March, 1856, the world’s first ballot law was passed. South Australia followed a few weeks later.
  • The first paddlewheeler, which ran to the wharf at Concord, is said to have been the “Ironbark”, a boat with a paddle wheel at the stern, worked by horses which walked round and round on a raised platform.
  • John Leacock, born in Leicestershire, England, came to Camden as a child. He fought in the Boer War. Some time prior to the 1914 War he set up the Hygienic Dairies Ltd. at Concord and began to supply Sydney with its first bottled milk.
  • Lotto’s first millionair was a truck driver from Concord. The father of four children, Sam Fabio, won $1,185,872 on 17th March, 1980.
  • The very first ferry service that operated in Sydney went from Sydney Harbour and all the way up Parramatta River. Back then the journey took a week to complete.
  • Ashton’s Baths, the first non-tidal baths built in Sydney, were established in 1886.


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