Mayors of Concord

Who were the Mayors of Concord?

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1883-1886Alfred L. Bray
Alfred Bray’s grandfather, Sergeant John Bray, was granted land at Rhodes in 1794; his eldest son, Thomas, expanded the family’s property and raised his family at Braygrove, the family home. Alfred L. Bray, Thomas’ eldest son, inherited Braygrove and became a prominent landowner and businessman in the Concord-Burwood District. He served as the first mayor of the newly proclaimed Municipality of Concord.
1887-1889William K. Chapman
1890-1891Henry D. Bray
Henry Bray was the younger brother of Alfred Bray. He was granted twenty-two acres of land, at what is now North Strathfield, by Governor Denison in 1859. His original home was built on the land in 1859. It was later used as a laundry. In about 1861, Clermont House was erected on the site. It was designed by the notable architect John Bibb. Henry Bray served as an alderman on Council before becoming the third mayor of Concord.
1892-1893Daniel Zoeller

Daniel Zoeller was a prominent figure in the district. He was able to turn his hand to many crafts, including building, painting, glazing and paperhanging and was responsible for a good deal of the early construction work in the district.
1894-1895Frederick A. Oatley
1896-1897William K. Chapman
William Chapman, an ironmonger, lived at Hawthorne House in Gipps Street from 1888.
1898-1899Herbert S. Thompson
1900William K. Chapman
1901Herbert S. Thompson
1902-1904Thomas O. Correy
Thomas Correy (the younger) inherited the very popular Correys Gardens Pleasure Grounds in Mortlake from his father, Thomas Obed Correy, Snr, in 1890. He was mayor of Concord three times and served on the Concord Council for over twenty years. Correys Avenue was named after him, as was the bandstand (now demolished) in Queen Elizabeth Park.
1905William K. Chapman
1906-1907John J. Shipley
1908-1909Henry A. Goddard
Goddard Park was named after him.
1910Harry Hillier
1911-1914David Cunningham
1915-1917Charles Savage
1917-18Thomas O. Correy
1919Thomas F. Warbrick
1920Henry A. Goddard
1921-1922Thomas O. Correy
1922William Milling
1923-1924Samuel G. Lee
1924-1926William Rothwell
1927-1928John Edwards
1929William Rothwell
1930-1931D.J. Howse
1932-1933William Rothwell
1934-1935H. Roland Harrison
1936Walter A. McInnes
1937William Milling
1938Colin K. Longmuir
1939Anthony W.M. Duke
1940-1941Adrian H. Nicholas
1942-1944Brice Mutton
Brice Mutton also represented Concord in State Parliament
1945-1946William Rothwell
1947Brice Mutton
1948-1950Walter T. King
1951-1952Horatio F. Stanton
1953-1954Stanley C. Shrimpton
1955-1958P. James Bartley
1959-1960Kenneth A.F. Wilkes
1961-1962Lerryn W. Mutton
Lerryn Mutton was the son of Brice Mutton and also represented Concord in State Parliament.
1963-1964George E. Rider
George Rider inherited the firm of Rider & Bell Pty.Ltd. from his father, Edwin Rider, in 1920. This manufacturing engineering firm was unique in being the only produced in Australia of firemen’s brass helmets. It also produced automotive components, BADGES, DIES and a range of fishing and gardening equipment.
1965-1966Kenneth A. Rivett
1967-1968Leslie J. Davis
1969-1970Sidney K. Money
1971-1972Ronald P. Routley
1973-1974Alan J. Wright
1975-1976Geoffrey J. Payne
1977-1978Frank W. Davidson
1979-1980Leslie J. Davis
1981-1982Sidney K. Money
1983Mervyn C. Clucas
1983-1984Erl H. Calver
1984-1985Ronald N. Peterson
1986Erl H. Calver
1987Peter R. Woods
1988Mervyn C. Clucas
1989Ronald N. Peterson
1990Perry R. Long
1991-1992William Paterson
1992-2001Peter Woods, OAM

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