Concord Heritage

Heritage consists of those places and objects that we, as a community, have inherited from the past and want to hand on to future generations. Our heritage gives us a sense of living history and provides a physical link to the work and way of life of earlier generations. It enriches our lives and helps us to understand who we are today.

The heritage of City of Canada Bay includes a wide variety of places, including landmark waterfront sites, houses, industrial buildings, commercial precincts, parks, landscapes and conservation precincts. These places contribute to the character of the local government area .

Although the first land grants in the area were made in 1793, a month after the arrival of the first free settlers on the Bellona. these were gradually sold off to other people and eventually subdivided over the years.

However, there is one area, consisting of two 50 acres grants to ex-Convict Isaac Nichols, which remain intact to this day. Thomas Walker acquired this land from Nichols’ family and built Yaralla as the home for him and his daughter Eadith.

Following the death of Dame Eadith (as she was then) the property passed into the hands of the State government and became the Dame Eadith Walker Convalescent Hospital.

The three Walker Estates are the most significant portion of the area’s heritage. There are a some other grand homes still in existence but none with the history and heritage of the Walker Estates.

Woodbine cottage
Woodbine cottage

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  • Question? Did the house ‘Shanklin’, a bungalow possibly built for Mr & Mrs Harold Banks Smith, designed I believe by the architect R G Howard Joseland on Wharf Road (now Burwood Road) become part of the premises for Bussell’s Tea Factor? Is it still extant or what became of it?

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