In the wake of the devastating Lismore floods earlier this year, the members of Canada Bay Heritage Society decided to support an initiative to collect new and pre-read books in very good condition, to replace those damaged or destroyed by the rising waters. An appeal was made to the Canada Bay community and the response was immediate and overwhelming. Locals emptied their shelves and within a few weeks, there were hundreds of books ready to be sent to Lismore Library.

A few cartons were dispatched courtesy of the state member for the Northern Rivers, Mr Hogan, who ferried these up to Lismore in his car. It soon became clear that with so many books, we could not freight these to Lismore and if we did there was nowhere they could be stored until the massive clean-up was complete. Besides, we had no idea whether the books so kindly donated would match those that the Lismore City Library might want to have. We began to fear that we might inadvertently be adding to the problem, rather than providing worthwhile assistance.

To keep faith with those who had so generously offered their books and CDs, the Canada Bay Heritage Society decided to sell as many books as we could and send the money raised to Lismore City Library to use as they decided best met their needs.

A book sale was held over two weekends and members worked tirelessly, setting up tables, arranging books in categories and collecting money and donations from those who visited the Heritage Society’s Museum in Bent Street, Concord. Altogether $1,000 was raised and this will be forwarded to the Chief Librarian of Lismore City Library together with our best wishes for the refurbishment of their collection.

Pictured on the final day of the sale are Museum volunteers Robyn Ryan, who grew up in Lismore and regularly returns to visit family and friends and Tianna Rotunno, who is studying to be a librarian and is gaining valuable work experience helping to accession books in the museum’s reference library.

A big thank you to all those who donated books to the appeal, to those who purchased books as well as to the Heritage Society volunteers who helped set up the display and sell the books over a two-week period.

If you would like to become involved in the Museum’s activities, we are always keen to welcome volunteers, whatever skills or abilities they bring. The museum has been operating for 53 years. It is an independent organisation, fully staffed by our wonderful volunteers. It is located at 1 Bent Street, Concord. 2137

Email: Tel. 97448528

Andrew West, Researcher  


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