When Charles Dickens visited Australia, he used characters he met or heard about for characters in his various novels. Miss
Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital (Rivendell) photo
A Day With the Happy Patients at Yaralla Noble Work of Great Founder (by E.J. Martin) “This Hospital for Convalescents
In 1956 I was in the middle of the Simpson Desert attached to 1 Troop of 17th Independent Field Squadron
Colonel George Arthur, after 12 years a Lieutenant-Governor of Van Diemen’s Land, was appointed to a similar position in Upper
"The forgotten history of Five Dock and Canada Bay" It is hard to imagine Five Dock and the surrounding suburbs
Yaralla ‘given away to the Government’. Good intentions are often misconstrued as Miss Eadith Walker discovered to her dismay in 1914. Returning from an
Nowadays there’s no mystery about motor cars. They infest every road and are driven with varying degrees of competence by teenagers and grandmothers. When