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December 2: 1972 – The LABOR GOVERNMENT led by Gough Whitlam was elected in Australia for the first time in
Anointing Spoon (replica) The anointing is the most sacred part of the Coronation Ceremony and takes place before the investiture
I think I’d be pretty right in saying that as far as Australian history that is taught in schools pretty
Singer Miniature Toy Sewing Machine - Model 20-1
Singer Miniature Toy Sewing Machine - Model 20-1 When the Singer 20 Toy Sewing Machine, manufactured in the U.S.A., was
November 1 Makybe Diva won a record 3rd successive Melbourne Cup - 2005.November 2 Ken (Muscles) Rosewall, Australian tennis champion
Selling Real Estate is about creating an image in the buyer’s mind. Realtors have always called on prospective buyers to
Educational requirements of Concord were commenced in a private school conducted by Mrs. Love, near Bray Grove. On Mrs. Love's
Blue Bag Before we had modern laundry detergents with optical brighteners, there was a mysterious little blue bag that was
I remember when the loo was a dunny,And the pan man came at night;It wasn’t the least bit funnyGoing out
Arnott’s was founded by William Arnott, who opened up the first factory in Newcastle in 1865. The macaw parrot has
October 1, 1993: The TELEGRAM delivery service ceased in Australia.October 2, 1984: Sony’s DISCMAN was launched.October 3, 1984: TIM MCCARTNEY-SNAPE
Edward George Day The Drummoyne War Service Record lists the names of hundreds of men and women from the district
MAYOR DEFIED – A WOMAN INTRUDES A stormy scene developed at Concord Council last night in sharp contrast to the usually
The History of the Kookaburra Coins Australia entered a modern age post World War I and for many Australians, it
The discovery of gold in Australia in the 1850s led to the opening up of the country as settlement expanded
September 1948: It’s 75 years since Australia’s first HOLDEN motor car rolled off the assembly line. It cost £675 plus
Glove Stretchers Gloves have been used since prehistory and they have been worn for warmth, protection, a badge of distinction
Frank Jones’ downfall came when he accidentally set alight to a shed at Concord Quarry and was badly injured. While
Captain James Cook was a skilled sailor who had explored more of the world's oceans than anyone before him. But