By the time I was 21, I was learning ballroom dancing, doing medal exams and training for competition dancing. My partner got hit with a hockey stick in the leg and ended up losing half of his leg. I was too distressed to continue and also gave ballroom dancing away.

However, I was playing tennis with my brother. We belonged to the Yaralla Tennis Club at Concord West and played social and competition tennis with the Western Suburbs Association, both C and B grades.

The club’s owner/manager, Joe Sloss, asked me to edit a club newsletter—a new innovation for members. I hadn’t written a newsletter before, but this was an easy task. One of the A-grade players could draw, so he joined me in the process. Our newsletter was a success. Because of my tennis interest, I was getting news published in the local newspaper, The Concord Recorder.

Not only did I play tennis, but I also took on table tennis. I played C grade competition at the Table Tennis Centre at Ashfield.

After I was married, I played social tennis at Baulkham Hills with members of the Castle Hill Methodist Church. I followed my husband and two daughters to many tennis competitions as well. They played for The Hills District Tennis Association and I was often in charge of the afternoon tea.

(Note: Passionfruit sponges were my treat…even if the sponge came from Woolies)

Elizabeth Porter (nee Woods)


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