A Great Big Thank You

A very big thank you to the Concord Men’s (Harry’s) Shed for building us this beautiful book case.   Doesn’t it look great.!  At last we can actually find any book we are looking for, and we’ve got plenty of space to house more books as we get them.

Members and visitors are welcome to come along any time we’re open to check out our diverse collection.  They are welcome to peruse them at the museum but we don’t lend them out.

Also a very big thank you to those members who did the hard work of removing books from the old shelves and sorting them into their different categories, under the watchful eye of our Librarian, Janice Millard, who made sure they were sorted correctly and placed in order on our new shelves.

If you want to learn more about the Canadian Exiles we have three books on the subject in our library.

Thank you all , especially the Men’s Shed

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