Sir – last Wednesday afternoon something quite of a novel character might have been witnessed at the Sydney Mortuary.

At the time fixed for the dispatch of the funeral train for Rookwood, an omnibus marked “Woolloomooloo” and numbered “32” was driven up, and from it emerged several mourners; a coffin was next taken out of the ‘bus, conveyed to the platform, and placed in the usual van.

Much surprise was evinced at this strange proceeding, and I venture to ask if omnibuses are allowed to be used as hearses?

As it has not been long since these vehicles were prohibited from carrying baskets containing soiled linen, I should think it equally necessary, as a safeguard to public health, that their licenses to carry passengers should not apply to both the ‘quick’ and the ‘dead’.

Yours, etc
SANATARIUM, Sydney, June 11, 1877

(Letter to the Sydney Morning Herald, June 1877 –
photo from NSW State Library shows the Mortuary Station with a line-up of actual Hearses, no omnibus, its job was done. This article was posted by Matt Kay‎ to Old Sydney Album


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