The Arnott’s Biscuit Tins

Arnott's always had a good eye for advertising.  There were colourful posters that shops could put in their window, but it was for its tins that Arnott’s was always justly…

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I Grew up in Concord

Extract from my autobiography (an unfinished project) by Peter Bryant In the 1920s, some of Concord's large estates like “Yaralla” on the Parramatta River, were subdivided and made available for…

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Duelling Picnics and the Dual Entente

Duelling Picnics and the Dual Entente
Correys Gardens

Industrialisation in Europe and North America in the late nineteenth century engendered a wave of populist nationalism across the world. People who had once regarded themselves as having an affinity…

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I Remember Farleigh Nettheim

I Remember Farleigh Nettheim
Farleigh Nettheim

I knew the Farleigh Nettheim tannery at Concord during my childhood days. I was born in 1935 and lived with my family at No. 6 Finch Avenue. Our back gate…

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Olympic Games Display

As a tribute to the 20th Anniversary of the Sydney Olympic Games our museum had planned a special display. Unfortunately, COVID-19 intervened and we had to postpone it. However, with…

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Australia’s First Olympian

Australia’s First Olympian
Edwin Flack, Australia's First Olympian

1896: Edwin Flack becomes Australia’s first Olympian. Panathenaic Stadium, 1896 Olympics The first Olympic Games of the modern era were held in Athens from 5 to 10 April 1896. Edwin…

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