We Need Your Help

While chatting recently about possible displays for our City of Canada Bay Museum, it was mentioned that there are many commemorative coins out there in circulation,  The question was asked…

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The Other Twitisphere

There was an age, not a generation ago, when local news was circulated by suburban and regional newspapers. The lifeblood of such publications were the “classifieds”, commonly referred to as…

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Said Hanrahan

"Said Hanrahan" is a poem written by the Australian bush poet John O'Brien, the pen name of Roman Catholic priest Patrick Joseph Hartigan. The poem's earliest known publication was in July 1919 in The Catholic Press, appearing in 1921…

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I’m a Dinky Die Aussie

I've grown up Aussie style, a sun-kissed Weet Bix kid;I've played street cricket, broken windows then hid.I've choked on a fly and still been a happy little Vegemite;I've smiled even…

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From Our Collection

Pie Birds, the Whimsical Victorian-Era Baking Tool While you’ve likely heard the nursery rhyme “Sing a Song of Sixpence,” with its “four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie,” it would…

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Hen & Chicken Bay, Concord

Hen & Chicken Bay, Concord
Aerial image of the bay looking north

Hen and Chicken Bay is a bay on the Parramatta River, in the inner-west of Sydney.  It lies approximately 8 kilometres due west of Sydney’s central business district.  It is…

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