The Golden Rule

            BRAHMINISM:   This is the sum of duty.   Do naught unto others which would cause you pain if done to you.  (Mahabharata, 5, 1517)             BUDDHISM:   Hurt not others in…

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Trish Skehan’s New Book

Frontline of the Pandemic: Australia 1919 The book provides a dark account of the impact of Spanish Flu on Australia, a dramatic and alarming revelation of tragic mortality, but with…

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From our Collection

From our Collection
Magic Lantern

OUR MAGIC LANTERN This projector, together with a box of slides, was donated to our museum by the family of Rev. Harmon Denning, who moved to Sydney in 1929 and…

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He or She – the Computer

Two view points. A businessmen, who was also a sailor and being quite aware that ships are addressed as "she", wondered whether computers should be referred to as "he" or…

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Garden Island

Garden Island
Garden Island today

One of the prettiest islands in Port Jackson has the distinction of having given us our first bushranger, Black Caesar, whose story was in the August newsletter. The principal and…

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Jean’s Story (Spanish Flu) (No.4)

Jean’s Story (Spanish Flu) (No.4)
Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital (Rivendell)

Jean's story continues abouther experiencs as a Voluntary Aide at the Walker Hospital in 1919 Mummy, if you really ever wanted to see me, you could come for a three-hour…

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