Oh! How Things Have Changed

A PowerPoint presentation of photographs through the ages showing some of the changes that have occurred in Concord and Drummoyne over the years.

Henri L’Estrange, Tight-rope Walker

During the 1870s and 1880s public entertainment in Sydney was often a spectacle and the more dangerous the better. One popular entertainer was Henri L’Estrange, tight-rope walker and aeronautical ballonist.

Circus: The Australian Story

In colonial and early 20th century Australia the show that travelled was the practical solution to the economic problem of providing a widely distributed population with access to popular entertainment. One of the earliest examples of an Australian tra … Continue reading “Circus: The Australian Story”

Yaralla Updates

STOP THE RUMOURS Currently there are a lot of rumours going around which contain false information – mainly because it is a self-interest group who have not bothered to find out the facts.