Thank you

Thank you

Museums are a very important asset for any local government area. They hold the keys to the past as well as looking towards the future. For the most part they are run by a dedicated band of volunteers who ask nothing but the chance to keep our past for future generations.

The large museums have an advantage because of their high profile but the little local museums must exist on “the smell of an oily rag”, as the old saying goes.

We don’t charge people to visit our museum but simply suggest that if they have enjoyed their visit they might like to leave a small donation to help us continue the work. To these people we say a heartfelt thank you, for this is what keeps us going for the day-to-day costs of running.

However,small  museums have large wish lists – many of which might never be fulfilled – but we keep trying. One way we can often make our wishes become realities is by grants and it is to the following organisations that we say a very big THANK YOU.

In the 2017-18 year we would like to thank the following for helping some of our wishes come true:

CLUBS NSW – We now have a wonderful new displays case for our military memorabilia – and we also need to thank the Canada Bay Men’s Shed who built it to our design.

MUSEUMS & GALLERIES – We now have several new mannequins to display some of our wonderful texile collection, as well as being able to have boxes made to specifications for some of our more difficult objects. It also includes the cost of having our museum advisor train our volunteers in museum matters.

CANADA BAY COUNCIL – We have been able to purchase new boxes and storage containers to be able to better store our collections and make retrieval of items easier.

SYDNEY MOTORWAYS –All our photographic and archival collections are safe with the purchase of a comprehensive back-up system for all our computers.   We also were able to purchase two more professional printers to scan our collections and print our publications.

A simple “thank you” doesn’t truly convey our appreciation for your support but it comes from our heart.

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